The commercial activities of the company began in 1981, when Saudi Arabian Airlines created unit in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. It offered catering and non-catering services for Saudi Arabian Airlines and other airline companies whose flights depart from King Abdulaziz International Airport. At some later various stages, Saudi Arabian Airlines established additional catering units in King Khalid International Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport and Cairo International Airport. In 1985, the catering unit assumed the function of sky sales aboard Saudi Arabian Airlines planes. In the year 2006 and 2007, it took charge of managing Alfursan Lounges.

Despite the fact that the catering unit was a part of Saudi Arabian Airlines, it was managing its commercial affairs separately from Saudi Arabian Airlines even before the detachment from the mother company by privitisation. As part of pricatisation, Saudi Arabian Airlines incorporated Saudi Airlines Catering Co as a limited liability company on Muharram 20th, 1429 H (January 29th, 2008). It was registered under No. 4031757 41, with a capital of SR100,767,000 divided into SR1,007,680 100 shares at a per a par value of SR100. It also transferred to the newly created company the fixed assets, employees and most of the contacts excuted prior to privitalisation. The company was, afterwards, further transformed into a shareholding company by a decision from the Minister of Industry and Trade No. 68/q on 22/2/1432H (26/1/2011) with a capital of SR100,767,000 divided into 10,076,700 ordinary shares at par value of SR10. The process involved the capitilisation of (a) SR6658,791.392 of the retained company’s profit, (b) SR13,718,428 of the company’s general reserve and (c) SR46,723,180 of the company’s regular reserve. Eventually the company was transformed into a public shareholding company by decision of the Financial Market Authority dated 6/7/1433H (27/5/2012).

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