Saudi Airline Catering Company Head Office

Prince Sultan Road - Al Muhammadiyah District 5

P.O. Box 9178

Jeddah 21413

Unified Number: 920022081

Fax: 920005759


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Saudi Airlines Catering  –  Riyadh Unit

P.O. BOX 12919

Riyadh 11483

King Khaled International Airport


Saudi Airlines Catering  – Dammam Unit

P.O. BOX 327

Dammam 31411

King Fahad International Airport


Saudi Airlines Catering  – Madinah Unit

P.O. BOX 3111

Madinah 4232

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport


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I am extremely impressed by your history, culture and tradition! I am very grateful for your kind hospitality. Hopefully I will be able to travel again to Saudi Arabia

Ignacio Roberto | Mayor of Rome

As a travel and tourism specialist, I became amazed at the level of hospitality and appearance of your staff. I appreciate the way they receive the passengers - it was so great and I think they need to get credit for this as an ecouragement for them and other staff members. 

Hadi Saleh Al Rishan | Tourism Specialist

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