Saudi Airlines Catering  maintains regular communications with the shareholders. The Company has taken a group of measures to ensure their rights of access to information through Tadawul website and the company website, Saudi Airlines Company provides full and comprehensive information about its activities and businessmen through its Annual Report, periodic financial statements and dividends procedures. The Company also endeavors to maintain links with its shareholders, answer their queries and provides them with the required information on a timely basis.

At Saudi Airlines Company Investor Relations, we strive to be a world-class investor relations team. Our commitment as a key resource to the financial community and SACC leadership is to be a reliable, responsive and transparent source of valuable information. We are dedicated to uphold our core values of integrity and high ethical standards in our relationships with our stakeholders. Our investor relation program ensures transparency in all communications while complying fully with the continuous and consistent disclosure obligations stipulated by the Kingdom’s Capital Market Authority. We also ensure timely flow of information through various channels such as the website, Tadawul announcements and conference attendance. In addition, we offer access to our Investor Relations team by phone and email, and host special events for analysts and investors including an Investor Day and earning calls. We follow a policy of proactively communication with the market and informing our stakeholders of all key developments that will have an impact on the business. We hold dialogs with the investor community and advise the Company’s Senior Management about market perceptions. Our dialogues with shareholders have become increasingly important as our individual and institutional investors are always looking for up-to-date information on company developments, our business plans, achievements and challenges.


I am extremely impressed by your history, culture and tradition! I am very grateful for your kind hospitality. Hopefully I will be able to travel again to Saudi Arabia

Ignacio Roberto | Mayor of Rome

As a travel and tourism specialist, I became amazed at the level of hospitality and appearance of your staff. I appreciate the way they receive the passengers - it was so great and I think they need to get credit for this as an ecouragement for them and other staff members. 

Hadi Saleh Al Rishan | Tourism Specialist

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