SACC provides catering and other support services to airlines and a broad range of other carriers operating flights to and throughout the Kingdom, adding quality and the evolving needs of our clients first and foremost.

Our international team of chefs includes specialists in local, regional and international cuisines. The team constantly reviews, plans and refines our menus to ensure they meet customers’ high expectations and result in the highest levels of satisfaction. We also provide our clients with food and beverage equipment such as cutlery and serving carts. Costs, pricing and delivery schedules are regularly evaluated to verify that they meet our commitments to our clients, and can be adjusted in response to client demands or market conditions.

Despite a more constrained economic environment, the Kingdom’s airlines and airports will continue to expand to meet rising passenger demand for air travel. In Flight therefore remains a sector of significant potential for SACC, and we are ramping up our production capacity accordingly, deploying additional resources at key catering facilities. The rise of premium and private aviation in the Kingdom, with future development of all businessclass flights between Riyadh and Jeddah, represents a particularly compelling opportunity to orient the In Flight business towards even higher-value food, beverage and equipment services, and to further
distinguish SACC as the sector opens to more competition.

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