Based on an agreement concluded with Saudi Arabian Airlines in 2008, SACC manages the airline’s Al Fursan lounges. SACC also manages other airport lounges, such as Wellcome lounge, which offer a premium experience for first, business class passengers and others at major airports throughout the Kingdom. Other passengers are also able to pay for direct access to these lounges, which feature full buffets, internet access, a selection of local and international media, and other amenities that encourage patrons to relax and refresh themselves in comfort prior to their flights. Over the past year we have further revamped the Al Fursan concept, upgrading facilities and introducing a wider selection of amenities and services to ensure Al Fursan lounges offer an environment of truly world-class luxury.

Having successfully designed our own lounge concept, we are working to extend this beyond the airport environment, embedding lounges in banks, hospitals, government departments and other high-traffic facilities where customers can benefit from a higher standard of comfort and companies are also seeking to raise service levels. This means lounges are set to become an even more important growth area for SACC in future.

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